• Only negative thoughts (help) 10-09

    Good night for now. I (M) 18 years of age and visit the 11 class. I for 1 year no longer true in the school. Since I came into a new class 2 years ago I kame there with no clearly wanted the class change, but the rector did not agree. I was put so un

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  • I love my ex boyfriend still do what? 06-10

    Hello, So my ex and I broke up two months ago, as we had since other priorities and our relationship just did not work had .. (tests stress uni ..) repays after conclusion was, I have noticed that I love him really. . We have not written .. days two

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  • Good quotes or sayings wanted! 05-05

    About love and broken heart, etc. --answer-- - One broken man recognizes always remember that you look there's also where their psyche: on the ground -daran how sad I'll see you how happy you me could have done -If a girl is silent, then you go a tho

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  • Mourn a dog? 03-12

    Hello, on Sunday our Leonberger (4) died, his brother (7) is since Monday completely verändert.Er is just still there, is no longer in the evening with the house, it seems to me as if he wartet.Fressen him and drunkenness he does noch.Gassi going for

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  • totally helpless? what does he want? 03-11

    Hello, determined you read those posts often or similar but I beg you to help me, I do not go on. It is about a work colleague of the film works in front of me at the plant next to me. Three weeks we had time together layer and got to know something

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  • What should I call it, when and where? 02-08

    Hey, I've got me for a long time verschaut in a girl. I see well almost every morning and after school on the bus. I thought that either they in Facebook times local clearance or I a bit rede.Ich had been with in the same kindergarten class and share

    Tags: Love, girls, youth, Lovesickness, Grief, adolescents, heartache + girl
  • I'm so different, why? 11-23

    I Binn unlike any people I know, especially as from my age group. I have always been interested in other things than them. Also I'm not so good with them cope when I tell them as they have the wrong and did. Do not believe me and annoy me, close me o

    Tags: Help, Bullying, Grief, otherness, bullying + mourning
  • Dog was run over and I can not live without him 10-16

    On Saturday I was with my two dogs and Paco Pötty way to a long walk in the field. The two run off leash in the field can be called good. This Saturday but appeared a deer, Paco looked briefly but Pötty ran after immediately. As he was about 17 o'clo

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  • My dog. - Grief. 03-15

    Good evening everyone, and although I have a serious problem with the processing of my dog. At 21:11:14 my dog ​​had to be put ... she was 15 years old. The doctor said if you were not redeemed may be there that you get home and it is there because t

    Tags: Dog, Grief, dying, dying + mourning
  • Dog as a friend, mother persuaded after death of beloved cat 01-16

    Dear Community. 3 days ago my cat died at the age of 20 years. I grieve still around her as she was almost my best friend. And yes, I did not have many friends. But not because I'm unpopular iwie, but because all these rigged Tussen just do not go to

    Tags: Dog, cat, Grief, family member, cat + mourning
  • Fear for future dog 12-15

    Hello, I've been thinking a long time ago, zuzulegen a dog. So it was then, and I looked from one I should pick up tomorrow. I was often the breeder to build "a relationship" with him and like him already really like. Grade called me the breeder

    Tags: sick, Animals, Dog, Grief, scared, fear + dog
  • Dog longs ... mourns .. 12-12

    Dog longs for owner. Eating as nothing more ..... just in the nest and stimulates not :( itself. What can you do? --answer-- Steering the dog from play or go with him for a walk. Where's the dog now? If he remained in his family? How long has this be

    Tags: Animals, Dog, Grief, mourning dog +
  • What is good about a dog? 09-02

    I love dogs <3 and try to persuade my mother always meant that we and get a ... she told me to make a list of good and bad with ... unfortunately there with us a lot of negative ... grandma & grandpa live far away, we would need a new car, we may i

    Tags: Animals, Dog, good, house, Grief, dog + apartment
  • Scared my dog ​​lose 08-19

    Hi, hab da mal ne ask. I have last year lost my dog. A labrador, he was only seven, and last year made within a few seconds just dropped dead. :-( Now I have again a dog and I constantly panic that he is sick. Whenever he is quiet, not play wil I pan

    Tags: Leisure, Dog, death, Grief, old age, age + Dog
  • New Dog? When is it time? 07-20

    Our dog died at the vet months ago almost. 4 I'd kinda like a dog again although I now and still wine. When I know if I'm ready or I'm there already? Can I bring my dog, if I even sometimes on the other grief? For me it is somehow necessary to cry, b

    Tags: Dog, death, Grief, death + mourning
  • I do not know how to cope with the loss of my dog 12-30

    My dog ​​14 years was put to sleep yesterday: '(I'll be with the loss not clear I need every second thinking of you.' (I could not even say goodbye to her :( It hurts so much :( --answer-- I believe you about that. Unfortunately, death is part of lif

    Tags: Dog, death, Grief, death + mourning
  • I'm in love, what should I do for that he likes me 08-21

    Hey, I'm in love with a boy in our class. But we do not understand .. so I try to close peace. We still argue but then we laugh together. I Will still know what to do for that he likes me. Vl habit you any advice? Lg eyes flash --answer-- heii, well

    Tags: Love, Grief
  • should I tell my boss why I feel so dirty? 03-15

    I can not stand it in this profession, at home there are only problems because my mother is beaten by my father, and he has also betrayed my mother and I now have a new half-brother, me zebricht on the basis of this thing the head I .. have ever spok

    Tags: Heartache, Grief
  • I feel so empty without him. What do? 03-14

    Hey, so I had 1.5 years with a friend +. I loved him, about everything. He was the only wirkl for me. I had very strong depression, and he helped me not to give up hope. He does not even know how much he helped me, but the sex with him alone its prox

    Tags: Love, boys, Grief, sorrow guys +
  • Can I ever love a man so like him ?! I'm afraid! 03-12

    Hello. I am since Shrove Sunday no longer with my friend. Mir gehts really really bad. I'm just crying on and can be connected to nothing else :( think I somehow feel that he was the man of my life. I'm totally afraid that I can never love someone li

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