Very thick and messy eyebrows, (m) what to do?

I am male and I am satisfied with myself but my eyebrows are thick and totally '' messy '' and pluck guys do not know what can I do?

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clear pluck guys even eyebrows can pluck or of Feeundin / hairdresser ...

Cutting goes. But if you can pluck then siehts better.

Let them in shape as they are, you can do nothing. But if they grow together, I would pluck a bit in the middle. As long as you with the not pluck about forces it, it is not even noticeable.

Sure pluck some men / boys. Often just stop, look wenns really bad. You can do well in any case.

It rich indeed usually only a few to make it look good. The must also not be very narrow.

Pluck make us a lot: D

What's so bad about to pluck, so no one has to know

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