Who can keep the dog ?!

The dog of my friend got a puppy. With a well-known the mother of my friend the friend was discussed that the dog would come to him. The father of the puppies is the dog from the aunt of the famous. The puppy is now 3 months old the puppy should actually before 3Wochen known to the latter could not bring him to lack of time. During this time he has preferred to go on vacation and has the date for the take off at short notice reason unknown. But he says he wants the dog necessarily, he works night and day he sleeps so he has little time for the dog. Therefore, my girlfriend wants to keep the dog because he has better with her. The dog is very happy with her she's respect his person and he loves her more than anything. Can you keep the dog or not? What would you do in their place?

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Your friend is the owner of the dog, and thus it includes the puppy. She has this - if I have understood correctly - never promised anyone - but the mother or something. And therefore it does not matter.

A verbal contract is a contract. But the agreement can only conclude that owns the puppy. This is one of your friend (they hope is of age) and thus only they close a deal. If they are not, they can do whatever they want.

If your friend is not of legal age, you belong purely legal and not the dog and therefore not the puppy. Then both belong to parents who then can decide.

Should it be so and have the puppy promised the type, is an oral contract, which should be adhered to actually, but where no plaintiff because no judge. If the puppy now goes well, binding as is, etc. - should keep the puppy. What will make the type? out accuse him?

Question is - how old is your friend and heard the dog? With part I mean, running this on them, they scored purchased or paid him?

Was it the dog promised verbally and there is no purchase contract or other written agreement, he has my legal opinion to decide to no available about where the dog should live or that he has to get the dog.

The puppy 'belongs' to the guy, the mother dog belongs (ie your friend or their parents)

You can as long as a decision on the puppies, and their not violating the Animal Protection Law.

If you believe in, the puppy is not well with this man, then there is nothing you to him forcing the dog to hand! even if the previously so ORAL discussed!

All the best for the little ones !! As pet owners you are responsible, especially when one brings a new wonder of the seas in the world - that makes for a happy dog's life! :)

If your girlfriend is underage belong the dogs legally her mother and has to decide about it. but sounds as if the puppy should better stay with her. Why only a puppy? What about the others?

who is possible because cover his bitch and do not care is a good supply of the puppy's in the future? the mother of your girlfriend?

how old is your girlfriend and who supplies the dog during the day now? regardless of the collusion - should erachsene final responsibility show and the dog only in good haende convey (and in zuknft not even multiply) So speak especially with the mother and the aunt and uberzeugug with the provided abnehemer. if you manage to do it alone -bittet someone to convey the animal protection!

the man is definitely the wrong for the dog, generally for a dog. With the working hours that is impossible. why did He eret pledged under the circumstances that he gets the dog? (Although we know the circumstances)? initially it is impossible a puppy a few minutes alone let alone a complete night that you can not expect dog no matter how old they are. I find it inconceivable that he, despite his working hours and his sleep in the day, a dog wants to buy.

he works at night and during the day he is asleep so he has little time for the dog. Therefore, my girlfriend wants to keep the dog because he has better with her.

why was this man, the dog then promised?

Verbal agreements are contracts and since several people are involved so it will be difficult, the agreement will be ignored. I would definitely argue here about the animals well. The person does not seem to be able to realize the necessary circumstances for animal husbandry and the suitability of character for holding an animal seems questionable. Working hours, shifted collection dates etc.

What is that for a dog. if there such a fuss is made drumm? Is it an illegal breed list?

@ AlexSanchez96

Why the dog has a puppy young, if you do not breed?

To whom alone a purchase agreement was signed for the pup?

If the man does not have time, then what he wants with a puppy.

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