Why could a child no longer read so thick books and now?

Hi! I find that really strange, when I was little, so I read so much, but now I see a book, read less than ne side and have already tired. I look at books that I've previously read times, and can not believe how I had such a thick book within 2 days by. Why did I always used to read so much and now no longer? I can somehow not really focus on it, cause I find boring ... I am regressed?!?!?!? oo hope CIH get answers: PS: would appreciate it if you completed the topics I can not think so much.

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I would be less on mobile phone and so make "undemanding" stuff it. For many young people since you can already speak of a regression of the attention span. This is annoying, but let's face it, the Internet has made us all captivated. The good thing is that you can change it again. I would in your place to find out on what books you etc. now stand. Then borrow from a couple and start to read. It will be already at the beginning so that you distract yourself by two sides again and something else begin to think. If you notice your distraction, please read on again. Gradually, you'll find yourself able to concentrate longer and eventually once again can be completely absorbed in a book. Patience is important and not giving up. I wish you lots of success and believe that will come again. Have fun :)

This is normal you are concerned about a lot more thought and lets you no longer fall so completely in the story of a book

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