Why if we include this task differently?

1.The a 15 percent discount promotion offers Mr Mayer on quality speakers 1,700 € the pair. What the speaker costs regularly?

2.Herr Mayer wants to finance the purchase of a special item on the bench. After a year he would pay an interest rate of eight percent, including interest, an amount of € 19,980. How much does the special items for the shopping?

It is but wanted really "original" in both the price and in a one divided by 85 and at the other by 108, which is of course the opposite. How so ?

The best answer

Quite simply: the first task, the value in the negative zone changed - so it is smaller. In the second task, however, the buyer pays in the end a higher price, the value changes basically so positive.

The first time will be deducted from the original price by 15%, therefore by (100-15).

The second at the original price 8 happen, ie by 100 + 8.

This is both calculated equal to:

Basic value = share x 100 / percentage

In the first example, the percentage is 85% when Zwieten 108%!

Because it is the first task is a discounted rate, the price was originally higher, the second object of the amount was originally low and because banks are greedy, the amount of interest is then higher. So in the first case it is 15% less in the second 8% more.

1) 2000.- Normal Price; it must be 15% expected to do so; 2) 18500.- Shopping price, the interest must be settled.

Only 2 can be calculated with simple interest.

For 1 you can only determine what they should cost in advance. How expensive ? Maybe 890, - €, because he has a lot of costs before that are sold.

The first task is 1700 = 100%.

Therefore you reckon in the three-set 1700/100 = 1% * 15 = 15%

In the second task are 19,980 = 108% and you want 100% reckon there

Therefore, three-set 19.980 / 108 = 1% * 100 = 100%

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