Why we were told that you have to hold the pen so "right"?

Hello community. Since I hold a pen, I think it is, so to speak, for others, not "right." I was often approached by my pen-attitude and has already made me sad, so marked. My teachers of kindergarten and 1-3 class wanted just teach how to pin "right" bear with me. I tried it, it hurt. So I got it back so held, as I think it is just because it was the best for me. I have no problems with the holding, only that I have a "wound" on my ring finger, so to speak because of the rubbing. But now comes my real question:

Why we were told we have to hold the pencil correctly? What's the advantage? The "right" with the holding I mean with the thumb, index and middle fingers hold the pen. Why we children were told by the teachers that you have to hold the pencil so? And this pen Pose where apparently "right" is really useful?

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Why are you doing you because something thoughts?

You must have write with it and no other.

So pfeif 'but it, say others ... They can not be purely put in this situation with this pen what. This does not mean that you have to give something because of it.

After all, that's really your thing. And above all: Why the other mix as a fact? Where want please tell AND especially: to what they want to moor their view?

The keyword is individuality! Then you should called you and let the subject ran to you no closer!

Because this is the way that works best for most people. This need not be for everyone that way. Maybe you need to find your own method.

Each and every can hold a pen between the fingers so as it is most convenient for him / since no one can criticize what it. In TV you see again and again "unusual" Greifmetoden. Main thing is that you can fluently write what yes nowadays unfortunately seem to fall behind. So get the now merely not worry about it.

Grip pen the way it is most convenient for you. I just always eg my knife in the left hand and the fork in the right hand and everyone looks at me weird when I eat. It then still called "a right-handed you've got in the right hand more power to cut meat to your" but I am now used to live in the right to hold the fork and feel thus not really a disadvantage me, on the contrary, I can not the other way around. Just because it is not necessarily "normal" does not mean that it is bad.

Each must find out for himself how to hold the pen at the top to be able to use it to write fluently.

It's just the most sticky method between your thumb, forefinger and middle finger. When the pen too scrubs, then kleb nen patch around the pin, is then soft and not abrasive way.

lg, jakkily

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